[Art] Modern Bubsy – Yarn Therapy


So I stumbled across @sqrlyjack‘s @sulkysadbobcat ask/concept blog and I instantly fell in love with the idea. Now, while I do enjoy, and will not even try to pretend that I didn’t, the NSFW aspect of it, there is a much more deeper and personal reason why I am in love with the idea, and felt the compulsion to drop everything else to do this picture.

In a way, the struggles she faced, coming to terms with who she is, taking the courageous step to transitioning, and having a history with being a social pariah at an earlier stage of her life really resonated with me, because I have faced, and am in the process of facing the struggles myself. I lost almost all of my IRL friends during my teen years due to situations beyond my control but still attached to me by association, I spent 13 years dealing with the knowledge that I was born in the wrong body, and had to fight to be able to be myself, while still being functional in society.

So this is why, rather than just drawing something lewd and calling it a day, (There will be plenty of time for that later on anyways.) I decided to do something more cute and contextually poignant, the yarn balls represent the memories of when she first got shot into fame with the first game, and it was about collecting yarn balls. Years later, I figured that, given everything that went wrong afterwards, she would go back to a less painful, and more comforting memory to help cope with what had been taken from her.

There is relief for her after all.

(Also check the blog author’s galleries out, they’re a pretty cool artist doing cool things.)

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