[Mod Release]Quake Stuff Ultra

So I have been given permission to continue development of Horror Movie Guy’s Quake Stuff Ultra V2 mod, and over the past couple of months, I have been working on the code back-end to tweak up the weapons, monster behaviours, and the addition of a few new features like Elder Rune pickups as well as cell ammo amount granting extra power to the Thunderbolt and the Mjolnir.

I also added some minor aesthetic changes like making the status bar more compact, giving the rune-powered weapons a more purplish-energy colour, new HUD graphics for keys, and new sounds based on the Quake Epsilon build for the DarkPlaces Engine.

This mod is for GZDoom 2.x and Zandronum, though it will also work with GZDoom 3.x but with some visual glitches. You can download it from the following:

Mega Download
TSPG Download

There are a few new features planned, so sit tight for:

  • More sound changes
  • More monsters and powerups
  • More HUD elements for the Rune mechanics
  • Combo system for Axe and Single Shotgun
  • Balance fixes

This video also features the Project Slipgate map pack, which you can also get here:



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