Signals from the Heavens EP

Click the image to start listening. This is a culmination of 8 months of music production, exploring electronic music and learning to mix and master.

“Reality is a simulation of different physical parameters that oversee how things interact with each other, be it forces, matter and everything in between. A lot of these parameters are simulated in parallel with the data of each universe stored in instantiated data chunks. Spirits are, therefore, programs that reside in, and interact with this data, governing and monitoring the interactions for any inconsistencies which they can correct.

However, think of what happens when a chunk of data hijacks and changes the way those programs operate, like a virus infecting a computer. A lot of the time, data corruption can occur, and the integrity of these simulations can be compromised. This is the effect that Escad Merton had on reality. In his bid to rewrite his own personal history, he ended up knocking a lot of the processes out of alignment, causing the universes to stray from stable, predictable parameters.

Enter Isabel Merton, the heroine who saved the world from enslavement at the hands of an invading trans-dimension force, and the spacefaring operative who brought her civilization into the space age, is haunted by the specter of her missing estranged brother who had tried to kill her at an early age, and has returned to try to kill her again. After an altercation during the inauguration day of an experimental trans-dimensional portal, she was sent to a strange realm where the rules of existence are different, and has to make her way back home. During her journeys, she meets the spirits who underscore the very mechanics of the multiverse, who speak of an imbalance created on the very fabric of existence caused by her rogue sibling, threatening an impending total collapse of all of reality. On her way to confront her sibling, she meets Nimbus, a mischievous and mercurial spirit and Azrael, an esoteric and charismatic reality hacker.”

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